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Bloody Rally Show (2020, ENG) скачать торрент

25 декабрь 2021
Bloody Rally Show
Дата выхода игры: 20 февраля 2020 г.
Жанр: Симулятор, Гонка
Похожие игры: Micro Machines
Разработчик: Kodo Linija
Издатель: Kodo Linija
Платформа: Windows
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Релиз: Scene
Версия: 1.5.8
Язык интерфейса: английский
Язык озвучивания: отсутствует
Таблетка: Вшита (S i M P L E X)
Системные требования:
Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10;
Процессор: Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor;
Оперативная память: 4 Гб;
Видеокарта: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities;
Свободное место на жестком диске: 220 Мб;
Описание:Bloody Rally Show - это антиутопическая игра рогалайт в жанре боевых гонок, с бесконечным разнообразием гоночных трасс, кампаний, миссий, таблиц лидеров, ежедневных испытаний, редактором треков, автомобильным редактором, настройкой автомобилей, настройками, автомобильными баталиями и несколькими игровыми режимами, включая тот, в котором вы в роли пешехода.Наличие/отсутствие рекламы:
Реклама отсутствует
A unique mashup of racing, car battle and roguelite brings you an infinite variety of race tracks and procedurally generated campaigns with dystopian story and AI generated conversations, missions and challenges.
Race fast cars with satisfying controls across infinite variety of randomly generated and handcrafted tracks.
Compete for glory against other people in Steam Leaderboards.
Use weapons and your car`s inertia to fight other racers in free style Battle Mode.
Add Weapon Zones to regular races to spice things up.
Carefully tuned, physics based car handling is in the sweet spot between arcade and sim, easy to handle, difficult to master. Learn to handle and drift your cars on different surfaces, feel when your car loses grip and regains traction.
Daily Challenge and Time Attack mode will let you race against other player ghosts. Skill is the only thing that will get you to the top of the Leaderboards.
Create your own race tracks and cars with advanced in-game editors that were used to create all the content of the game itself. Full developer tooling is at your fingertips, and it`s made as easy to use as possible.
Share your creations with others in Steam Workshop.
Use your own images for racer avatars and car paint jobs, change the names of your opponents in campaign or custom race mode.
Customize the paint job of your car by adding layers of details. Make this game your own.
Use a built-in operating system (OK, OK, it`s just a console), where you can run experiments that adjust in-game physics, change the game logic, and do other cool stuff!
Key features:
Satisfying arcade/sim style car physics (handling, drifting, speed)
Infinite amount of randomly generated Race Tracks
Campaign mode with missions, challenges and AI storyteller
Car battle mode with Battle Royal style shrinking area
Pedestrian Mode, never seen before in other racing games!
Strategic nitro boost mechanic
Races with weapons and powerups
Play campaigns in single player, local couch co-op, or Steam Remote Play Together
Possibility to share your custom built cars and tracks on Steam Workshop for others to enjoy
Racer XP and level-up
Car tuning and upgrades
Adaptive AI opponents that have same physics based controls as the player, have emotions and character, and do stupid things from time to time
Nearly 50 achievements
Plethora of different Leaderboards
Names of top players from Leaderboards appear in player campaigns as AI racers
Daily Challenge with different combination of track / car to compete against other players
Asynchronous online multiplayer via Ghost Replays in Steam Leaderboards - race against other people in Daily Challenge and Time Attack mode
Custom paint jobs and racer avatars
Split Screen Local multiplayer for up to 4 players
Configuration setting to turn off blood (for family friendly split screen racing sessions)
Races with 100 opponents!
Ramps and jumps, puddles, oil spills, ice patches, explosive barrels and other hazards
Destroyable and movable physics based props
High quality OST with dozen of full-length tunes
References to gluten free spelta bread and other bad jokes

_+_ _______ _________ _______ _______ ______ __ _+_
. _ _ (___)_ >____ __< ___ _____./ / .
__(_ _ / _ _ _ ) _ Y /+
+_______ ) _ _ _ __( ___ //
____ __
__ _ __ _ / X . _
/ :. .-->___ . .:--->________/ /
====_________========____=<zNr/dS!>==/.: /=___====
. -:- we brake for nobody ------- ----------//____/--- -------:- .
: =__________________(( S i M P L E X ))___________________= :
. _ _ .
_ _____>>_________________) p r e s e n t s (__________________<<____ _
: :
Bloody Rally Show v1.5.6
(c) Kodo Linija
Files: 14x10.00MB Release date: 5/07/2020
Protection: Steam Language: MULTI
: :
. _ _+ R E L E A S E +_ _ .
_ _____>>_________________) i n f o (_________________<<_____ _
: :
Bloody Rally Show is dystopian roguelite combat racing game with
infinite variety of race tracks, campaigns, missions,
leaderboards, daily challenges, track editor, car editor, car
tuning, customization, car battles, and multiple game modes,
including one where you are a pedestrian.
NOTES: This release is standalone and updated to current version.
Both the 32/64 builds are included.
For more information on what is new see the following link.
1. Unzip & Unrar.
2. Run SiMPLEX.exe for install.
3. Use the Shortcut or exes for start the game.
4. Have Fun!!!
Ripped: "NOTHING"
Read this NFO properly!
. .
_ _+ R E L E A S E +_ _
_:_____>>_________________) n o t e s (_________________<<_____:_
. .
. .
Competition is good, only if done with quality!
In case we removed redistributables.
You may need to download install the following:
Check the "_CommonRedist" directory (if it is included).
1. Don`t forget to add an exception to your antivirus (if required)
2. Block all game executables in your firewall
Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!!
. .
_ _____________________________________________________________________ _
: :
_ _+ S i M P L E X +_ _
_+_____>>_________________) g r e e t s (_________________<<_____+_
Порядок установки:
Запустить simplex.exe и указать путь для установки.
Наличие/отсутствие рекламы: реклама отсутствует
17.03.2020 - обновлено до 1.1.0
1.04.2020 - обновлено до 1.2.4
19.04.2020 - обновлено до 1.3.2
3.05.2020 - обновлено до 1.4.1
24.05.2020 - обновлено до 1.5.4
10.07.2020 - обновлено до 1.5.6
16.08.2020 - обновлено до 1.5.8

Bloody Rally Show [P] [ENG] (2020) (1.5.8) [Scene]

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