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Mario Builder V8-11 (2010, ) скачать торрент

25 декабрь 2021

Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: Аркада
Разработчик: Ting Thing
Издательство: Ting Thing
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования:
Операционная система: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 7
Процессор: любой
Оперативная память: 512Mb
Видео: Видео-карта 256Mb RAM (Nvidia GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X800)
Аудио: Звуковая карта, совместимая с DirectX 9.0с
Дополнительное ПО: DirectX 9.0с (есть на диске с игрой)
Описание: Mario Builder - на сегоднящный день самая нормальная вешь в каждом доме!
Mario теперь не просто бегает по уровням, он теперь даст вам возможность самому создавать уровни (примерно как в Super Mario 3 на NES).
- Готовый мир с более чем 60 уровнями
- Создавайте босов в любом месте
- Более 800 обьектов
- Покажите карты миру
История версии:
Version 6-0:
-New File Saving System
-New Example file
-more genuine skidding and jumping physics
-double jump off Yoshi is fixed
-New intricate pipe system and door system
-23 more backgrounds
-over 500 new tiles
-If the orange work box turns green, you can click on it to display a tileset
-Uploading Mp3 and Wav files has been made avalible
Version 6-1:
-Fixed error with doors
-Fixed error with loading src screen
Version 6-2:
-Hill Ground completely removes itself on right click
-Reserve item creates in the correct place
-Error Code "Creating instance for non-existing sprite" corrected
-Left wheel part of doomship takes a 1x1 space
-Certain doomship pieces animate
-Jumping on two enemies at once doesn`t kill you
-Banzai Bills doesn`t disappear off screen too soon
-the 6x6 gray surround ground is now visible.
-Error Code "Error reading real" for computers with European settings is corrected
-Mario Bounces Back when he breaks a block
-Uploaded Music Remains
-Mario continues to move horizontally when colliding with a solid object above him
-Gray surround ground slopes are solid
-Able to exit bonus courses through doors
Version 7-0:
-Added BoomBoom, Larry Koopa, and Bowser
-Continues from game over reestablishes the lives
-Flagpole and Flagpole/Castle relationship has been partially reporgrammed for easier and more realistic use
-Bowser Statues appear on gameplay
-Rapid placement in Overworld editor doesn`t ever make duplicates
-Smoother transition with Monty Mole jumping onto the surface
-Mario doesn`t jerk on vertically moving platforms
-Updated the colors of src screen text to be most visible to the background
-Detail items remove before jump-through tiles on right-click
-Yoshi spits shells
-Added the rest of the marios and yoshi to src screen
-Invisible blocks only appear if Mario is jumping upward
-Improved Overworld tileset with lava and clouds, and more selective water pieces
-Water (and lava) tiles animate for the overworld
-Mario can`t run into speeding shell going in same direction
-Change of overworld light enables automatic save
-Main menu can be accessed from src screen
-scratched the need for fish to be placed on water.
-Mario has a hair more traction
-Wavy water doesn`t kill Mario anymore. He can swim in it, as he should.
-Urchin movement does not require the urchin to be against a wall.
-The banzai bill should always fire
-Fire from enemies destroys ice
-Rapid placement options have changed a bit. Press `R` to toggle a rapid placement switch.
-Bricks stay as Bricks when exiting a bonus course
-Racoon tail performs smoother in the air
-When Mario releases heald items they hardly skid, as they should.
-Ice is slippery
-Mario Holding a shell shouldn`t fail to cancel out with enemy collisions
Version 7-1:
-Mario can move in a backwards direction in the air
-Large Cannon Balls can be destroyed by Spin Jump
-Orange mushroom houses appear
-Overworld pipes work happen with shift instead of enter.
-World 5 should work
Version 7-2:
-Red bowser door goes to Bowser room
-World 5 reads and saves as world 5
-Added message block
-Added dig sand
-Added the Wall Triangles
-Added Hello`s set of blocks that can only be destroyed in special ways
-Added moving rope, which moves Via arrows
-Added quicksand
-Adjusted a couple physics with Bomb Mario`s Bomb
-Mario Death and P Switch don`t cause the lag they used to
Version 7-3:
-Fixed ASDW key problem
-Fixed problem with Mario getting hit while using the racoon tail.
Version 7-4:
-Improved how the Mario/Yoshi relationship looks
-I wasn`t able to recreate the glitch with getting displaced in toad houses and bro battles, but I did something that should hopefully correct it if it happens.
-Levels don`t fail to end with just a flagpole.
-Overworld Bro battles in cloud world have a cloud background.
-moving shells fall down 2x1 gaps
-In published mode, you can press Exc key to kill yourself, if for some reason you get stuck.
-If mario is stuck inside a solid block, he moves forward like in SMB3
Version 7-5:
-Moving shells behave better when off screen
-Check points work with autoscroll
-Enemies turn around when they hit a shell
-Fixed several sliding issues
-Jumping under bricks and qblocks has been made less glichy.
-Turnips, Subcon Enemies, and the likes are thrown more accurately
-Mushroom`s motion is more accurate when knocked upward by mario hitting a qblock/brick from underneath.
-Koopa shell behaves better when hit by a qblock/brick from below.
-Enemies can`t push other enemies through solid blocks
Version 7-6:
-Paragoomba depth should is above solid walls.
-Enemies don`t get stuck in the ground if they fall
-Yoshi Fire form red shells is infront of most things, and deletes when a test run is over.
-The top-right white tile platform can be stood on
-Slopes can now keep the camera to continue scrolling.
-Yoshi eggs become yoshi even if there is a yoshi significantly off screen (which would be removed)
-Yoshi spits shells in the proper direction
-Fortress depth is below common enemies
Version 8-0:
-New Example File
-Loading time has been significantly decreased.
-Hold "Q" with the A,S,D, or W key to travel faster in the course editor
-The time limit for each course is adjustable.
-The ability to name a course has been made avalible.
-The ability for a thunderstorm in a course has been made avalible.
- Courses have a new maximum height of 300 blocks. Version 7 was 59.
-The number of courses you can have has been made unlimited.
-A new level linking system allows complete freedom with warpning between any number of courses.
-Toad houses, monsters, and pipes from the overworld can link to a course, making them customizable.
-23 more songs have been added, including some from Yoshi`s Island.
-A course can begin with Mario entering through a pipe or door.
-The help manual is easier to deal with, and much of it is rewritten.
-the help manual can be viewed online for updates. It includes release history.
-Added a red parakoopa
-Added red jumping koopa
-Added Small Pipe Cannons
-Added nokobon
-Added short fire piranha
-Added big blue Shy Guy
-Added sledge bro
-Added spiketop
-Added round goomba
-Added Star and Boomerang Veggie
-Added 2 more backgrounds
-Added a multi-coin block and brick
-Added a block, brick, and invisible block for the key. They`re with the door items.
-Added all of the koopalings
-The stuff in the toad house has been added to the builder. Now toad houses can be edited.
-The stuff in boss rooms has been added to the builder. Now boss rooms can be edited.
-Changed a few things with solid/unsolid ground tiles
-Mario builder handles uploaded music differently. This seems to be a better system.
-Fixed the problem with shells falling through large ice blocks.
-Parakoopas will move no matter where the arrow touches them
-In a published game, you can`t press ESC to kill Mario when he is already dead.
-Running yoshi doesn`t initialize slow.
-Cannons are oriented correctly
-Large Cannon Balls shoot at a more accurate speed
-When you delete the flagpole, it doesn`t leave behind any invisible collision object.
-Mario can freely go under the flagpole
-Mario`s hammer looks as it should
-Tall Cannon on a cannon part looks more connected
-Hammer defeats thwomps, thwimps, boos, cannon balls, chain chomps, pdooboos, stretch boos, and fire snakes.
-Hammer does not get destroyed when it defeats enemies
-Buster Beetles Aren`t shielded from fire
-Pile Driver Micro-Goombas (the jumping brick goombas) cann`t be defeated by fireball.
-Pile Driver Micro-Goombas (the jumping brick goombas) show a microgoomba falling when they are killed.
-Mario doesn`t move right when hitting a solid block in a vertical climb
-Mushroom blocks will kill enemies that they hit.
-Mushroom blocks are easier to throw.
-Conveyors don`t push you through stuff
-Subcon Enemies don`t fall off screen when you throw them
-Thrown items like subcon enemies are thrown in a fashen more similar to SMB2.
-Cannon bomb-ombs don`t self detinate so quickly
-Bomb-omb cannons shoot bomb-ombs into the air.
-Tweeter doesn`t have those random high hops
-When Mario stomps Cannon bomb-ombs, they go to detenate mode unless they are defeated my Mario standing on their cannon. Then they just fall.
-Ninjis perform better
-Podobo has better physics.
-Racoon tail doesn`t kill thwomp, drybones, bonybeetle, thwimp, saw, chain chomp, or stretch boo
-Yoshi won`t stick to a wall if you double jump from him.
-When Mario is on a hill, he won`t warp to the top of a solid/jump-through block should he collide with one.
-Spin platform pushes Mario up when it`s spinning
-Paragoombas don`t disappear when they run into a wall from the left side.
-Pow blocks only kill enemies on the ground
-Skull Raftes behave better.
-Releasing the run/attack button doesn`t get you out of the statue when you are tanooki.
-The screen will continue scrolling if there`s a large pool of lava.
-Enemies that Simultaneously activate right next to each other will not go opposite directions.
-Quicksand physics are improved
-Mario with a racoon tail can escape quicksand
-Hill physics have been smoothened out. A lot.
-Physics for sliding down a hill has been improved.
-Fixed a problem with slopes not working when you delete things around them.
-The first type of hill ground has been made solid.
-Enemies don`t turn around at the top of a slope.
-Sliding down a hill doesn`t power the pmeter
-Hammer Mario is shielded from fire attacks when he is ducking
-Fire bros fire has slightly improved physics
-A fixed y-view will always be set to the bottom. No more strange camera problems.
-Jump height is not affected by the frog suit.
-Mario can parcially run while in the frog suit.
-Mario can swim faster in the frog suit while the run/attack key is held.
-The spike enemies throw their spike balls significantly faster.
-A koopa or buzzy beetle will come back out of the shell after some time.
-I divided up the top and middle quicksand parts to help avoid confusion.
-When you are holding something and you go above the view in fixed view mode, your item won`t disappear.
-Music playback is a little less laggy.
-Gate placement restrictions have been loosened in the overwrold editor.
-Frog suit won`t have issues when swimming up into a solid object.
-Mario can jump on Bowser`s head without getting hurt, as long as Bowser is not jumping.
-Mario can jump on Larry`s shell without getting hurt (or any other koopalings, for that matter)
-Block and Brick coins have faster movement
-The key doesn`t slide around so much when you toss it.
Version 8-1:
-No more error when saving to the src screen. If you had this before, then replace all the items that would normally ask for a spawn ID.
-The backgrounds animate for the src screen.
-Moving shells activate multi-coin blocks.
-Fireleaf in reserve box doesn`t have animation problems.
-Mario is properly harmed by the short left-facing piranha plant
-Overworld pipe #1 behaves like the rest.
-Fixed a problem with a timer when the coruse ends in a non-traditional way
-Example File level three has an ending.
-Messages are saved for TXT toad.
-Round Goombas can be used to hurt other enemies.
-Piranha plants go out of their pipe in the src screen
Version 8-2:
-Moving shells break bricks.
-Spin jumping accumulates points
-If Mario is holding something, it won`t disappear and cause glitches if you go outside a fixed view.
-The status of certain things is saved when you are moving between coruses in published mode
-The course editor runs more efficently. Aka: Less lag.
-Better screen transitions during published mode.
-Course templates have been added. Now you can open up some pre-built things like boss rooms or toad houses.
-Fixed a music problem where there was unnecessary re-playing.
-Fixed a problem with shells falling through solid blocks larger than 1x1
-If for some reason the game gets to be unplayably slow, Mario Builder will ask if you want to quit, so that you can avoid using the task manager.
-I tweaked the code with the rain. Hopefully that fixed the problem with it appearing in other levels.
-A Mario death by falling shows Mario fly around a little higher up.
-A jumping piranha doesn`t hurt Mario when it`s in the pipe
-Corrected a music problem when starting a game in published mode
-When Mario hits the ceiling, he doesn`t fall straight down.
-Corrected a problem with Mario jumping under moving platforms.
-Round goombas will get back up if you knock them over.
-Round goombas can be spin-jumped when they`re knocked over.
-Parakoopas and Jumping koopas travel in a correct direction when you jump on them
Version 8-3:
-The camera follows Mario in a more useful manner
-Lava displays in Editor Mode
-Fixed up some shy guy problems
-Fixed some problems with throwing subcon enemies
-Pressing ESC won`t kill Mario after he has finished an Area
Version 8-4:
-The example file is finished. It now has a second world.
-Corrected an alignment with the Porcu-Puffer
-Game play performance has increased
-Fixed a problem with overworld pipes
-Ptooie has gravity. It will now fall when it`s not on anything.
-Bros and ptooie turn around when hitting a wall
-TXT toad prompts for the message when you place it
-Overworld editor runs more smoothly
-Bosses can start without the needs for a drop-down door
-1 more template has been added. It`s the koopaling battle from the airship.
-Boss rooms can be next to each other
-An item inventory for the overworld has been added, like in SMB3.
-Added Sledge Bro, Doom Ship, and tank in the overworld
-Added a small chest
-Fixed a problem with placing items
-Slight adjustment to the camera`s following of Mario
-Certain things like coins and blocks animate in sync
-General Small things to help performance and accuracy of collisions
-Fixed a problem with falling enemies getting stuck in walls
-Fixed some problems with enemies not turning around on platform edges
-Magikoopa`s position in the builder determine when it first appears
-The level manager shows its list starting at the top
-The level manager warns the user before removing a course
-The level manager properly removes data when a course is deleted
-A line on the builder screen indicates the boundary for a fixed yview.
-The position where the camera stops scrolling is now defined, and shown by a line.
-Jumping into a climb doesn`t cause problems when Mario hits his head
-Better animation for when Mario hits his head on something solid
-Dig sand appears behind enemies
-Koopalings have an easier time jumping over things
-Mario only pulls dig sand below him
-Fixed a sprite problem with throwing mblocks at certain enemies
-Overworld pipes don`t highlight when the link tool is enabled.
-Fixed a problem with saving in published mode.
-Fixed a problem with lightning.
-Bosses can be hurt by ice balls.
-Fixed some poor physics with the conveyor
-Swimming physics have improved
-The conveyor pieces now show their direction in the editor.
-Fixed a collision thing with the porcu-puffer
-Fixed a problem with Mario`s display in water as he travels through a pipe
-The version number is displayed in the main menu
Version 8-5:
-Gameplay hides the pipe numbers in the overworld
-Fixed a problem with disappearing skull rafts
-Fixed an alignment with small Mario entering a pipe
-Corrected and improved several things with the swoopers
-Solved a problem with a disappearing plant ball
-Fixed a problem with moving shells going up slopes
-Fixed a small thing with Mario hovering below a solid block
-Podoboos (fireballs) don`t disappear.
-Fire piranha plants don`t hurt Mario when they are in their pipe
-Fixed a problem with moving blocks not returning
Version 8-6:
-Fixed a problem with small mario unable to bump bricks
-Fixed a problem with mario bumping a solid objects and hovering
-Fixed a problem the a cannon firing when it doesn`t need to
-mblocks shouldn`t get stuck in walls
-mblocks have better landings
-springs have better landings
-The closest dig sand is the one lifted
Version 8-7:
-Fixed a graphics issue with paths over water in the overworld
-Piranha plants don`t shake as they chomp
-Because of popular request, the voices of Mario, Yoshi, and Toad were taken out
-Fixed a problem with bricks leaving behind an invisible solid object
-Doom ship boxes don`t leave behind a ground piece when you remove them
Version 8-8:
-Fixed an issue with the gray star block not removing
-Fixed an issue with placing climbing enemies
-Fixed a problem with the edge tile set in the overworld editor
-Error drawing non-existing sprite resolved
-Sumo Bro lightning doesn`t harm Mario
-Corrected a small camera thing with the left edge of a course
-The roulette clear block gives out items
Version 8-9:
-The short fire and red fire piranha plants turn into ice when hit by Mario`s iceball
-Round goombas appear properly on the surface when the flip themselves upright
Version 8-10:
-Take three on the spike removal. I finally found the reason for the problem, so I expect this episode to be over with.
-Boss exit doors work off-screen.
Version 8-11:
-Corrected a checkpoint problem with courses that start with pipe entrances
-Pow blocks don`t destroy large cannon balls
-mushroom blocks don`t fall through slopes
-Yoshi spits out the shells of winged koopas
-Yoshi spits shells in the direction he moves
-The round goomba behaves properly when Mario hits a block from underneath.
-If Mario gets stuck in a block, he is forced back from where he came (Before, it was always right)
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